Entry #1

Pirates in the Key of Arrrgh!

2007-11-09 19:04:03 by GCBascom

My first flash animation will hit the internet December first. Until then here's a synopsis:

You've sailed to the ends of the world to catch back wicked Jack. You've liberated Calypso from her retaining human bonds. All superfluous Aztec coins have been returned to their chest. Now break open that bottle of rum, apply your finest singing voice and lace your corset. We're about to do it all again... this time in musical numbers.

The entire cast is back (minus Cotton) to attend to all unfinished business. Of all sea creatures and coral specimens alike, why does Calypso opt to express herself through the hermit crab? What drove that big old brute of octopi into insanity? What becomes of Elizabeth as she blissfully sunbathes upon that deserted isle? Is Jack truly any better off than he was nine hours ago? The scurvy filmmakers buried secrets deep below the movies' surface. Now join "Pirates in the Key of Arrrgh!" as we embark on a treasure hunt to answer all these questions and more.


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2007-12-05 15:19:24

December first, eh?

GCBascom responds:

haha It DID come out December first... but because of technical difficulties was set back another three days. =D That's an old synopsis... but I don't know how to edit my post.


2007-12-05 17:28:54

the guy's coment before me is funny!


2007-12-08 09:05:30

I am a total fan of the Pirates series, and Im wondering if you could make a game of it too in flash.

GCBascom responds:

A game? I could definitely look into the idea... but what type of game would the Pirates trilogy make?